Cute is a subproject included in PlantUML that may help you to draw small and cute graphics.

You can use @startcute keywords.

Basic drawings

The basic shapes that you can use are: You can use the "color" value to set a specific color.

You can move shapes using the "position" value

rectangle dimension=200,100 color=Khaki
circle radius=30 color=#FF0000 position=170,70
triangle points=(0,0):(80,10):(50,50) color=DeepSkyBlue 
A shape called cheese allows you to have only a portion of a circle. .You have to specify the starting and ending angle of this part, in degrees.
cheese radius=60 color=blue position=60,60 start=45 end=180
A stick looks like a rectangle, but has rounded border:
stick color=LightSalmon dimension=300,30
You can also have rounded corners for triangle, by adding an optionnal radius for the corner to use:
triangle points=(0,0,20):(80,10,10):(50,50) color=DeepSkyBlue 

Grouping shape

You can define group using the group keyword.

A group may be drawn several times. You can specify a position, a rotation (in degrees) or a scale when using a group.

group head {
  circle radius=80 position=100,100 color=LightPink
  circle radius=20 position=70,70 color=white
  circle radius=5 position=72,70 color=black
  circle radius=20 position=130,70 color=white
  circle radius=5 position=127,70 color=black
group aine {
  stick position=0,0 dimension=54,30 color=MistyRose
  circle radius=4 position=20,15 color=#666666
  circle radius=4 position=35,15 color=#666666
group hear {
  triangle points=(15,0,10):(30,35):(0,35) color=magenta
group mouth {
  cheese position=0,14 radius=30 start=00 end=180 color=maroon
  cheese position=0,0 radius=36 start=20 end=160 color=LightPink
hear position=35,00 scale=1.4 rotation=-20
hear position=125,-15 scale=1.4 rotation=20
mouth position=100,110 scale=1.07
aine position=70,95 scale=1.06