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Archimate Diagram

This is only a proposal and subject to change.

Example 1

sprite $bProcess jar:archimate/business-process
sprite $aService jar:archimate/application-service
sprite $aComponent jar:archimate/application-component

rectangle "Handle claim"  as HC <<$bProcess>> #yellow 
rectangle "Capture Information"  as CI <<$bProcess>> #yellow
rectangle "Notify\nAdditional Stakeholders" as NAS <<$bProcess>> #yellow
rectangle "Validate" as V <<$bProcess>> #yellow
rectangle "Investigate" as I <<$bProcess>> #yellow
rectangle "Pay" as P <<$bProcess>> #yellow

HC *-down- CI
HC *-down- NAS
HC *-down- V
HC *-down- I
HC *-down- P

CI -right->> NAS
NAS -right->> V
V -right->> I
I -right->> P

rectangle "Scanning" as scanning <<$aService>> #A9DCDF
rectangle "Customer admnistration" as customerAdministration <<$aService>> #A9DCDF
rectangle "Claims admnistration" as claimsAdministration <<$aService>> #A9DCDF
rectangle Printing  <<$aService>> #A9DCDF
rectangle Payment  <<$aService>> #A9DCDF

scanning -up-> CI
customerAdministration  -up-> CI
claimsAdministration -up-> NAS
claimsAdministration -up-> V
claimsAdministration -up-> I
Printing -up-> V
Printing -up-> P
Payment -up-> P

rectangle "Document\nManagement\nSystem" as DMS <<$aComponent>> #A9DCDF
rectangle "General\nCRM\nSystem" as CRM <<$aComponent>> #A9DCDF
rectangle "Home & Away\nPolicy\nAdministration" as HAPA <<$aComponent>> #A9DCDF
rectangle "Home & Away\nFinancial\nAdministration" as HFPA <<$aComponent>> #A9DCDF

DMS .up.|> scanning
DMS .up.|> Printing
CRM .up.|> customerAdministration
HAPA .up.|> claimsAdministration
HFPA .up.|> Payment

legend left
Example from the "Archisurance case study" (OpenGroup).
<$bProcess> :business process
<$aSrv> : application service
<$aComp> : appplication component
Archimate Example

Example 2

rectangle "Capture Information"  as CI <<$archimate/business-process>> #yellow
Archimate Example

List possible sprites

You can list all possible sprites for Archimate using the following diagram:
All archimate sprites

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