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Installation notes

Sequence Diagram

First, you should focus only on Sequence Diagrams. Even if you are not interested in sequence diagrams, since they are working without Graphviz, it is somehow simplier to let them work. And if they do not work, other diagrams will probably also not work.

You should then test Sequence Diagrams using the command line, and not in the target tool you want to install (Eclipse, Word, Mediawiki...) :

java -jar plantuml.jar -verbose sequenceDiagram.txt
In the sequenceDiagram.txt file, you can have a very simple test:
	Alice -> Bob: test

The -verbose flag is used to generated some logs that you can send to us, if no image is generated.

If this is working, but not in your tool, it is probably due to a specific tool issue:

Others Diagrams

Once sequence diagrams are working fine, you can focus on others diagrams.

If Graphviz is not installed on your system, you have to install it first.

You may have to set GRAPHVIZ_DOT variables if you have not choosen the default installation directory of Graphviz.

To test the installation of Graphviz, you can use the command line:

java -jar plantuml.jar -testdot
You can also use this special diagram description:
information displayed when testing dot installation

Once again, you should test using the command line and the -verbose flag:

java -jar plantuml.jar -verbose classDiagram.txt
The classDiagram.txt can be very simple:
	A <|-- B

If you still have issues, then you can send us a mail.

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