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The nice thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from.Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Many users ask for XMI support in PlantUML. So the -xmi flag has been added in the command line (and in the ANT task also), for betatesting. This is only working with class diagrams.

As explain on the Modeling Portal, XMI theorically allows to interchange data between programs.

So let's have a very simple example, with three classes:

class class1 {
class1 - class2
class2 - class3
Imagine that you can have a XMI file that allows to import this on severals UML tools. It would be nice.

Unfortunately, having the very same file is difficult. For example,

If someone manages to have an identical file that would work on both tools, please post it there : you will have a free licence of PlantUML :-)

So, they are actually 3 flags:

Please note that this is an alpha version, and that many things will probably not work. You should use the forum to ask for corrections.