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Upgrading note

Hyperlinks have been introduced in iterative mode so there have been some slight syntax changes with different versions. Starting with version 8058, syntax about hyperlink is now clearly defined and stable.

Unfortunately, there are some tiny changes from previous legacy syntax, so you may have to update your existing source diagrams. This is something we do not like, because we try to guarantee ascending compatibility as far as possible. But in some cases, we have to move forward.

The good news is that older legacy diagrams will still be generated by newer versions of PlantUML. The only impact is that some links may be displayed differently, so we think it is an acceptable change.



Format definition

Simple links are define using two square brackets.


It is possible to give an optional label that will be printed instead of the link itself. A space is used as separator after the URL itself.

Example:[[http://plantuml.com This label is printed]]

Finally you can also have an optional tooltip using round brackets, just after the URL and before the optional label.

Example:[[http://plantuml.com{Optional tooltip} This label is printed]]



Links in sequence diagram

The following example lists some links features:

actor Bob [[http://plantuml.com/sequence]]
actor "This is [[http://plantuml.com/sequence Alice]] actor" as Alice
Bob -> Alice [[http://plantuml.com/start]] : hello
note left [[http://plantuml.com/start]]
  a note with a link
end note
Alice -> Bob : hello with [[http://plantuml.com/start{Tooltip for message} some link]]
note right [[http://plantuml.com/start]] : another note
note left of Bob
You can use [[http://plantuml.com/start links in notes]] also.
end note



Links in class diagram

class Car [[http://plantuml.com/link]]
class Wheel [[http://plantuml.com/sequence]]
note left [[http://plantuml.com]]
end note
Car *-- Wheel [[http://plantuml.com/class]] : has some

There is a special syntax with 3 square brackets in class definition when you want to define a link on field or method. For example:

class Car {
  - Some field [[[http://plantuml.com]]]
  Some method() [[[http://plantuml.com/link]]]



Links in activity diagram

[[http://plantuml.com]]:Some activity;
:Some [[http://plantuml.com link]];