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PlantUML Licensing Options

PlantUML is dedicated to offering flexibility in its licensing to cater to the diverse needs of its users. As a result, the software is available under several licenses, allowing users to select the one that aligns best with their preferences and requirements.

The GPL version stands out as it provides a comprehensive set of features, ensuring users have access to the complete capabilities of PlantUML. This version is recommended for those who seek the full experience and functionalities of the tool.

On the other hand, while other versions might lack certain features, such as the ditaa integration, they remain fully equipped to generate all UML diagrams. This modular approach to licensing ensures that users can choose a version that best fits their project's needs while adhering to specific licensing constraints.

Latest Releases

The lastest version is v1.2024.6

PlantUML adheres to the principles of Semantic Versioning. This means that our version numbers convey meaningful information about the underlying changes with each release.

The first part of the version number indicates the major version, followed by the year of the release, and then a number starting at 0 for the release within the year. By following Semantic Versioning, we aim to provide clarity and predictability in our release cycle for our users.

GPL 📦 Compiled jar 💻 Source code 📜 GNU General Public License
GPL v2 📦 Compiled jar 💻 Source code 📜 GNU General Public License V2
LGPL 📦 Compiled jar 💻 Source code 📜 GNU Lesser General Public License
ASL 📦 Compiled jar 💻 Source code 📜 Apache Software License 2.0
BSD 📦 Compiled jar 💻 Source code 📜 Berkeley Software Distribution License
EPL 📦 Compiled jar 💻 Source code 📜 Eclipse Public License 2.0
MIT 📦 Compiled jar 💻 Source code 📜 MIT License

📌 Important: For those who looks for a version without embedded GraphViz, you will find it under the LGPL license version.


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