Object Diagram

Definition of objects

You define instance of objects using the object keywords.

object firstObject
object "My Second Object" as o2

Relations between objects

Relations between objects are defined using the following symbols :

Type Symbol Image
Extension <|--
Composition *--
Aggregation o--

It is possible to replace -- by .. to have a dotted line.

Knowing those rules, it is possible to draw the following drawings.

It is possible a add a label on the relation, using : followed by the text of the label.

For cardinality, you can use double-quotes "" on each side of the relation.

object Object01
object Object02
object Object03
object Object04
object Object05
object Object06
object Object07
object Object08

Object01 <|-- Object02
Object03 *-- Object04
Object05 o-- "4" Object06
Object07 .. Object08 : some labels

Adding fields

To declare fields, you can use the symbol : followed by the field's name.


object user

user : name = "Dummy"
user : id = 123


It is also possible to group all fields between brackets {}.


object user {
  name = "Dummy"
  id = 123


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