Word Add-in

Adriaan van den Brand has made many improvements to the Word Add-in.

He has created a Word Template that allows a very good integration between Word and PlantUML and better performance.

With this Word Add-in, a new bar will be available within Word:

By click on "Preferences", you can now choose to use EPS instead of PNG for diagrams to improve print quality (because EPS is a vector image format.)

This template allows using PlantUML directly from MS Word 2010 without need to alter document templates or edit VBA macro's. MS Word Versions 2007 and 2013 might work, but are not tested.

Everything is documented in the template itself, that you can download here.

Many thanks for his works!

The macro searches the plantuml.jar file in that order:

If the plantuml.jar file is not found, a box display the list of all searched directories.

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