PlantUML is integrated in a variety of external tools. See command-line for options to run it from the command line.

Wikis and Forums

Make PlantUML diagrams easily accessible from markdown, GitHub flavored Marketplace on GitHub GitLab or GitHub integration with Markdown Integrate it with MoinMoin Integrate it with WordPress Integrate it with Discourse Forum Integrate it with NodeBB Forum Integrate it with MediaWiki Integrate it with Redmine Integrate it with Confluence Integrate it with Confluence Cloud Integrate it with Trac Integrate it with DokuWiki Integrate it with XWiki Integrate it with PmWiki Integrate it with TiddlyWiki Integrate it with Ikiwiki Integrate it with Jekyll Integrate it with Publet Integrate it with Zim Integrate it with Fitnesse Integrate it with Slack

Text editors and IDE

A Notepad++ plugin to generate view and export PlantUML diagrams Render PlantUML Diagrams for QOwnNotes editor Connecting Astah and PlantUML Integrate it with TinyMCE Editor Integrate it with CKeditor Use the Eclipse Plugin Use a NetBeans Plugin Use it with NetBeans Use it with Intellij idea Run it directly from Word Use Gizmo to render PlantUML diagrams within Word Run it directly from Open Office Run it from Emacs Run it from Sublime Text Editor Syntax file for plantuml Use it with LaTeX Use it with mbeddr Use it with GEdit Use it with Brackets Use it with Atom PlantUML language package for Atom UDL for Notepad++ to support the PlantUML language syntax Visual Studio Code plugin Search on Visual Studio Marketplace Generates UML class diagrams from MATLAB m-code

Programming language

Brings diagrams into mkdocs documentation Use it with Markdown Use it from HTML code with JQuery JOII-based classes diagram generator Call it from Java Call it from Python Another python remote client interface Integration with IPython Python tools for PlantUML Call it from Groovy Use builder pattern with Groovy PlantUML builder Use command line Write an ANT task Use the Maven2 plugin Use it with Gradle Use it on with Apex A Leiningen plugin for generating UML diagrams using PlantUML Emacs Lisp DSL for PlantUML Generate PHP classes from your PlantUML diagram

Generated Documentation

Create logical and physical database diagrams and generate DDL files. Helm chart for PlantUML. Markdown extension for PlantUML and Nikola. Renders PlantUML files from Nikola. JSDoc plugin to use PlantUML inside javascript documentation. Simple tool to turn a swagger api spec into a uml class diagram. Convert OpenAPI specifications to PlantUML diagrams. Generate UML Diagrams for Given Swagger Definition. Use it with LyX. Reverse Engineering with PlantUML Dependency Use it with Almost Plain Text (APT) files Generate diagrams with Javadoc Generate diagrams with Javadoc and PlantUML Taglet Use it with Doxygen Integrate it with docutils Use it with AsciiDoc Use it with Asciidoctor Generate UML description from Java sources using a doclet Use it with Pegdown Use enhanced Doclet Generate UML from C# sources Generate UML from Scaladoc Integrate it with Sphinx Generate PlantUML diagrams from SqlALchemy models Generate PlantUML diagram for Lua with LDoc Generate PlantUML diagrams from grails project sources Create PlantUML class diagrams from your PHP source. Integrate PlantUML with ROBODoc. Integrate PlantUML with Pandoc. Integrate PlantUML with Sbt, the interactive build tool. Gulp plugin for automated generation of diagrams. Node.Js module for processing PlantUML Another Node.js module and CLI Plugin for TypeDoc for TypeScript programs Maven plugin to inspect at compile time Show the recursive dependencies of a Helm Chart

Online Editors

Create and update UML diagrams inside of Google Docs Use the online servlet Codeuml - design UML diagrams as fast as you can code PlantText UML Editor Seeduml EtherPlant on Etherpad Emacs/vim online Editor TexWriting online Editor


Make data visible and understandable Node.js CLI tool that allows for live-reloading and exporting PlantUML. Embed PlantUml diagrams in PowerPoint presentations. A Chrome / Firefox extension for visualizing PlantUML descriptions. Use the Docker repository PlantUML with / GitLab Community Edition PlantUML with Github Gist and Gitlab Support A GitBucket plugin renders PlantUML sources Auto generating UML diagrams from SAP/ABAP code Puse editor PlantUML Chrome extension Cloud version with Renderist on PlantUML QEditor written in Qt4 Sketchlet : a software designer's sketchbook Double-click on the .jar to run it PlantUML Editor: A fast and simple UML editor using WPF Dotnet Install your own server Use it with textcube

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