🌱 PlantUML at a Glance

🚀 Getting Started

PlantUML is a highly versatile tool that facilitates the rapid and straightforward creation of a wide array of diagrams.

Utilizing a simple and intuitive language, users can effortlessly draft various types of diagrams. For a detailed exploration of the language's capabilities and syntax, please refer to the PlantUML Language Reference Guide.

If you are new to PlantUML, we recommend starting with our quick start page to get up and running quickly. Should you have any questions, our F.A.Q. page is a valuable resource. Additionally, PlantUML can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of other tools to enhance your workflow.

🧩 Supported UML Diagrams

With PlantUML, you can create well-structured UML diagrams, including but not limited to:

📈 Supported Non-UML Diagrams

Beyond traditional UML diagrams, PlantUML also supports the creation of various other diagram types, such as:

📣 Additional Features

Enhance the dynamism and informativeness of your diagrams with these additional features:

📥 Input Formats

PlantUML allows you to generate diagrams from various source input formats:

You can choose from different internal encodings:

📤 Output Formats

Export your diagrams in a variety of formats to suit your needs, including:

  • PNG for easy image sharing
  • SVG for scalable vector graphics
  • LaTeX for high-quality typesetting
  • ASCII art(available only for sequence diagrams) for a text-based representation

Get started today and elevate your diagramming capabilities with PlantUML. Transform your ideas into clear and professional diagrams effortlessly 🎉!

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