🌱 PlantUML at a Glance

🚀 Getting Started

PlantUML is a versatile component that enables swift and straightforward diagram creation. Users can draft a variety of diagrams using a simple and intuitive language. For a deep dive into the language specifics, refer to the PlantUML Language Reference Guide.

If you're new to PlantUML, begin with the quick start page. For any questions, visit our F.A.Q. page. Integrate PlantUML seamlessly within many other tools.

🧩 Supported UML Diagrams

Create well-structured UML diagrams including but not limited to:

📈 Supported Non-UML Diagrams

Beyond UML, PlantUML supports a range of other diagrams such as:

📣 Additional Features

Make your diagrams more dynamic and informative with:

📥 Input Formats

Generate your diagrams from:

with different internal encoding:

📤 Output Formats

Generate your diagrams in various formats including:

Get started today and bring your diagrams to life with PlantUML 🎉!

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describes the following diagram :

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