New Doclet

A new enhanced doclet (written by Gerald Boersma) is now available.

It has much more option than the legacy previous one.

You will find detailed instructions here.

Legacy Javadoc

When the javadoc tools build the documentation, it copies all files included in the doc-files directory to the javadoc . (see How to Write Doc Comments for the Javadoc Tool).

You can take advantage of this feature like this:

package net.demo1;
* Demonstration for PlantUML.
* <p>
* Example of use:
* <p>
* <img src="doc-files/image1.png">
* @startuml doc-files/image1.png
* Bob -> Alice : hello
* Alice --> Bob : OK
* @enduml
public class Demo1 {


If you run PlantUML before the Javadoc, it will generate image1.png in the directory doc-files .

Then, when you launch the Javadoc tool, you will have the following result:

Note that the definition of the image itself is in a non-javadoc comment, so that it is not exported to HTML.

As you can see, adding UML diagrams into java documentation is now really easy.

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