LaTeX Support in PlantUML

As of version 7997, PlantUML has introduced the feature to generate diagrams directly into LaTeX, leveraging the capabilities of the Tikz package.

Beta Version Notice

Please be aware that this functionality is currently in beta. While it adds a promising direction for PlantUML, it might contain bugs or unsupported features. We encourage users to actively report any issues encountered on the dedicated forum thread to help us improve this feature based on actual user feedback and needs.

How to Use LaTeX Generation

To utilize LaTeX generation, apply the following settings in your PlantUML environment:

  • Use the -tlatex flag when operating through the command line.
  • Set format="latex" when configuring the Ant task.

Embedding in LaTeX Documents

If you're aiming to incorporate the LaTeX output directly within another LaTeX document, employ the -tlatex:nopreamble flag. By doing so, PlantUML will output only the tikz-picture component, excluding the document preamble, facilitating a seamless integration into your existing LaTeX files.

Class diagram example

class Subscriber {

class AccumUsage {

class IpSession {

Subscriber "1" -[#blue]-> "1..*" IpSession
Subscriber "1" --> "0..1" AccumUsage

See result online (TODO: #362)

Sequence diagram example

Bob -> Alice: hello
return Ok

See result online (TODO: #362)

Создание ссылок в LaTeX с помощью пакета hyperref

При использовании пакета hyperref в документах LaTeX у вас появляется возможность создавать ссылки, ведущие к определенным якорям в том же документе LaTeX/PDF. В примере PlantUML, приведенном ниже, обратите внимание, что вторая и последняя ссылки указывают на конкретный ресурс в документе LaTeX:

participant Bob   [[]]
participant Alice [[latex://resource-interaction]]
Bob -> Alice :    [[]] hello
Bob -> Alice :    [[latex://resource-interaction]] interact

Подробное обсуждение и связанные с ним вопросы см. на форуме PlantUML QA-3558.

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