PlantUML PicoWeb Server

Many plugins take advantage of the online web server to generate images.

For some reasons (security, performance...) you may need to use your own local server instead. This is possible thanks to the PlantUML Server which is available here.

However, installing and configuring a full webserver may be too complex for some users so we have decided to integrate a tiny webserver inside plantuml.jar.

This means that you only need a Java Runtime Environment and plantuml.jar to run this very simple web server.

Running the server

Running the server is pretty simple. You just have to launch:

java -jar plantuml.jar -picoweb

Attention: By default, the server listens on all interfaces on port 8080. To change the default behavior, you can specify a colon separated port (still listening on all interfaces) or, both, a port and a bind address:

java -jar plantuml.jar -picoweb:8000
java -jar plantuml.jar -picoweb:8000:

The server is really basic. It only understands GET requests with following patterns:

  • /plantuml/png/xyz....
  • /plantuml/svg/xyz....

Those GET requests are used by various PlantUML plugins. Once you have launched your server, you can simply test it. With any web browser, you just have to point to:

This way, you can very easily use any plugins which need some PlantUML HTTP server without the official online server.

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