How and where diagrams can be written

Each diagram description begins with the keyword @startuml then ends with the keyword @enduml.

You can refer to the PlantUML Language Reference Guide.

Those descriptions may be included into :

Of course, if you use Html, LaTeX, APT or Java/C/C++ files, you should put diagram descriptions into comments.

File naming

By default, .png file have the same name as the source file used to generated them (only the extension changes).

An automatic sequence is added if a source file contains several instances of @startXXX.

It is possible to use a different file name for the generated file. For example:

@startuml image.png
Alice->Bob: Authentication Request
Bob-->Alice: Authentication Response

In this example, the .png file will be named image.png.

(Please note that you should not use this feature with Word integration.)