BasicAuth configuration

A BasicAuth credentials configuration file must be stored in the folder configured by the property The file extension is .credential, the file content is structured in JSON, the charset encoding is UTF-8, the filename must match the UserInfo part of the URL.

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BasicAuth JSON structure:

  "name": "<name of the configuration>",
  "type": "basicauth",
  "identifier": "<client/user identifier>",
  "secret": "<client secret>",
  "proxy": {
    "type": "<proxy type>",
    "address": "<proxy server address>",
    "port": "<proxy server port>"

  • name: required
    • The name of the configuration and should be similar to the file name
  • type: basicauth
    • Defines the basicauth method (can be omitted)
  • identifier: required
    • Identifier for a client or user
  • secret:
    • Secret for the identifier in clear text (not encrypted)
a set of key-value pairs.
  • proxy:
    • Optional proxy configuration (overrides system proxy settings)
  • proxy.type: required (direct, socks, http)
    • Proxy type definition.
  • proxy.address: required
    • Proxy server address (hostname, IP address)
  • proxy.port:
    • Proxy server port number


  "name": "jira",
  "identifier": "alice",
  "secret": "secret"

  "name": "stash-cloud",
  "type": "basicauth",
  "identifier": "repoadmin",
  "secret": "verySecret",
  "proxy": {
    "type": "socks",
    "address": "",
    "port": "8091"

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