ant taskUsage of the ANT task
apiHow to use PlantUML from Java
ckeditordemoIntegration with CKEditor
code groovyExample of use from Groovy
code javascript asynchronousExample of use from Javascript (asynchronous)
code javascript synchronousExample of use from Javascript (synchronous)
code phpExample of use from PHP
demo javascript asynchronousDemo of PlantUML in Javascript (asynchronous)
demo javascript synchronousDemo of PlantUML in Javascript (synchronous)
docletUse of PlantUML as Doclet
docutilsIntegration with docutils
doxygenIntegration with Doxygen to generate documentation
eclipseIntegration with Eclipse
emacsIntegration with EMacs
ftpRun PlantUML as some FTP server
javadocJavadoc and PlantUML
jqueryUse JQuery with PlantUML
latexUse LaTeX to generate documentation
picowebUse of PlantUML as PicoWeb HTTP server
pmwikiPmWiki and PlantUML integration
serverUse of PlantUML as HTTP server
tinymceIntegration with TinyMCE Editor
wordIntegration with Word 2003 and Word 2007

Note : The complete list of plugins is available here.